Making A Stress Free Life!!!!!!

Okay my friends, now is the time I need your help. I am taking a survey on how you can have a happy, stress free(or close to it) life. What do you do to de-stress? What is the one thing that makes a difference in your life? What makes you happy? It is very simple....just leave a comment and everyone gets blessed. Love to you all!!!!


Silver said...

Ai yai yai..sounds a lot more tricky that it looks..:)

How to de-stress.

I swim.

If very stressful, I just add to the lapse in the pool!

Kacy said...

Take a shower....I know it sounds crazy but it is so calming with the hot water and silence. Well most of the time-With a kiddo it is hit or miss with the silence.

Also, I talk to my mom!!! Love her

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