Know Your Limits

Sometimes a reality check can show you whether you're causing yourself unnecessary stress, either through unrealistic expectations or feeling like everything is out of your control. Consider printing these lists and posting them on your dashboard, the refrigerator, or anywhere you can read them over for a quick "reset."

Things You Can't Control

the age or stage of development your children are in
the way you were raised
whether the stoplight turns red or green
how fast other cars are driving
the number of hours in a day
other people
the timing of your teenager's mood swings or your toddler's temper tantrums
your age
when work or a project takes much longer than expected
waiting for your doctor 30 minutes after your scheduled appointment
a death, illness, or accident in the family
the calendar (helpful to remember when holidays are approaching)
being laid off from a job
messes made right after you have cleaned the house

Things You Can Control

your reaction to others
your to-do list (and the number of items on it)
how your day is spent
your goals
how much time you're willing to spend on a particular project
your self-esteem and self-worth
how you treat others
your exercise and eating habits
the communication of your needs to others
telling people when you're stressed out and need time alone or help with projects
whether or how much you smoke or drink alcohol
how old you act
the way you raise your children

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