Faith was my word for 2007 and 2008. In 2007 I received a sweet gift from a friend that had the word "FAITH" on it. I thought the gift was so pretty and then I received another gift from another friend that had the word "FAITH" on it. Little did I know that "FAITH" would carry me through some pretty rough times that were about to come my way. For the rest of the year it seemed like every gift I received "FAITH" would be on it.....somewhere. FAITH was what I had, I had to rely on my FAITH, and then FAITH would be tested. Everywhere I looked in my home, in a magazine, in my bible, in my office the word FAITH was showing. It stared me in the face as if to say "GET MORE". There were emails, songs, more goodness what was God trying to tell me. God whispered in my ear that I had FAITH in him and he would give me strength and love to calm the storm that was headed my way. And he did just as he promised and from that came an abundance of blessings. I love you Father God. Thank you for my FAITH, my salvation, your love and forgiveness, peace and understanding, comfort and compassion. I give you the praise and glory.

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