Radish Wreath

How to make your own radish wreath
A radish wreath ― or any wreath made out of the vegetables hitting farmers’ markets now ― is a great way to celebrate spring. If you don’t have a good place to hang a wreath, use it on the table as a centerpiece: It will dress up any dinner party or outdoor gathering.
Wreath base/frame Get a 14-inch (or smaller) box-style wire wreath frame. Info: $1.40 each at Joann.com
Paddle wire Look for 22-gauge wire. Info: $1.50 for 110 feet at Save-on-crafts.com
Wire cutters
Radishes Buy 15 to 25 bunches in a variety of colors and shapes (if that sounds like a lot, trust us; you’ll need more than you think).
Make a bouquet of two or three radish bunches, then wrap the wire around the bouquet a few times, leaving a long strand of wire (you’ll use it to anchor the radishes to the frame). Position the bouquet on the frame, with the radishes facing up and the leaves toward the back. Secure the bouquet to the frame by twisting its wire around the frame, then clip off the leftover strand of wire.
Continue to repeat step 1, attaching each new bundle close to the radishes that are already wired on, making your way around the wreath.
After you have completed the circle, step back and see if there are any holes or uneven clusters. Attach individual bundles or radishes where needed for a bountiful effect.
Note: Radishes should last up to two days; spritz with water to keep them looking fresh.

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